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Meet: Mega Plumber Action Hero

Do you need a hero?

MEGA PLUMBER ACTION HERO is the virtuous leader of the American Standard Plumber Protects League. A Master Plumber, he is an expert in sewage, drainage, industrial plant piping, and all potable water systems.

Get the Mega Plumber Action Figure!

The virtuous leader of the American Standard Plumber Protects League is now available as an action figure, the fun gift for plumbers to give and to get.

Mega Plumber Action Hero is 6 inches tall and comes complete with his ultimate weapon: a miniature Champion 4 toilet that stands 2.5 inches tall.

Plumbers can win over kids and moms by giving away Mega Plumber Action Hero to kids, especially in combo with the free eight-page Mega Plumber comic book. It's a fun way to help kids — and their parents! — see plumbers as true superheroes, protecting the health of the nation and sanity of the family by vanquishing clogging, dripping, leaking, overflows and wasted water.

Get your hands on your own MEGA PLUMBER ACTION HERO for only $10!