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8-6-2014 The economy's in the toilet, and that's a good thing
Here's one indicator the economy is improving: Your favorite seat in the house costs more.
5-16-2014 Fast Company: A Simple Yet Brilliant $1.50 Sanitation Idea

The most advanced sanitation solutions for the developing world aren't always cheap--for proof, take a look at the self-contained, waste-treating toilet that won the Gates Foundation's Reinvent the Toilet Challenge.

5-13-2014 The Wholesaler: Raising the Standard of American Standard

In late 2011 I answered a call to consider leading American Standard.

4-4-2014 Reinvent the Toilet Fair: India – Loowatt

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation recently hosted the Reinvent the Toilet Fair: India 2014 in Delhi to showcase new technologies that can help address the global need for safer, cleaner toilets.

3-31-2014 Kitchen Bath & Business: American Standard Launches DXV

Kitchen Bath & Business recently featured the launch of DXV.

11-22-2013 Supply House Times: American Standard Brands announces distribution partnership with Ferguson Enterprises

American Standard CEO Jay Gould was interviewed by Supply House Times regarding American Standard's new business partnership with Ferguson Enterprises.

5-15-2013 A Good Reason to Buy a Toilet

As journalists, we have to be careful to keep our reporting to the facts.

9-18-2012 Contractor: Plumbing to protect the health of the world: A report from the Gates Foundation Toilet Fair

Four years is a long time with more than a million and half childhood deaths annually due to diarrhea.

8-17-2012 The Newark Star-Ledger: American Standard builds better toilet for Bangladesh

In the spirit of a 1930s ad slogan that "Plumbers protect the health of a nation," a team of American Standard scientists have designed toilets to improve sanitation for villagers in Bangladesh.

8-9-2012 Women's Day Kitchen & Bath: Smart Choices

The FloWise hand shower and Portsmouth bathroom faucet are mentiond as smart choices when trying to conserve water in an article published by Women's Day Kitchen & Bath.

7-20-2012 PM Engineer: New Products: Green Scene

The Baby Devoro is covered on page 29 under "New Products: Green Scene" in PM Engineer's July 2012 online magazine edition.

7-10-2012 Practically Green Blog: 4 Great Reasons to Take Shorter Showers: Go Navy!

The Practically Green Blog offers way on how cut water costs with shorter showers and use of low-flow showerheads (pictured in the story is the FloWise Showerhead).

7-10-2012 KB&B Online: Bathroom Products -- The Quentin Collection

To read the full story, click

6-14-2012 KB Culture Blog: Classic Commode

To read the full story, click

3-23-2012 Marketing News: Cause for Concern

American Standard's Jeannette Long is interviewed for the article "Cause for Concern" pertaining to Water Conservation.

3-12-2012 Supply House Times: Growing expectations

Supply House Times recently conducted an interview with American Standard Brands CEO Jay D.

12-13-2011 Residential Design & Build: Top 100 Requested Products

The 5-Function Showerhead and Seated Safety Shower made the top 100 list.

11-21-2011 NPR: Building A Better Toilet

Below is a link to the NPR website; there is an option to listen to the interview or if you scroll down on the landing page there is a transcript of the interview.

11-18-2011 Builder Magazine: 10 Products Offering High Style at Low Cost

The Cardiff Vanity is one of "10 products offering High Style at Low Cost" spotlighted by Builder Magazine.

11-14-2011 Wall Street Journal: Tap Water: Good, And Good For You (And For The Planet)

As consumers turned to liquids like Fiji and Aquafina, it seemed that for many people, old-time tap water was about as popular as Zima.